StrategicEncounter TM (SE)

... a battle between the light and dark forces

Start Playing-Basics


       StrategicEncounter (SE) uses standard chess pieces that move in accordance with most of the rules of chess, but the game strategy is different because the Opponent’s moves are hidden from view. Each player has their own board, and a set of chess pieces representing their forces. A second set of chess pieces representing their Opponent’s forces are positioned as they think they may be on their Opponent’s board. On each move the computer referee announces, “White” or “Black”. The selected player then moves and may take any inferences from the announcements made by the referee. The referee announces all captures and the square on which it takes place, but not the type of chessman making the capture. If a Pawn is captured, the announcement is, “Pawn captured”, and if a piece is captured (Queen, Bishop, Knight, or Rook) the announcement is, “Piece captured”.

       The number of Pawn Tries are announced, but not the location or type of chessman that will be captured.

       If a legal move is made the referee announces, “White” or “Black” indicating the move is legal and that White or Black is to move next. If an illegal move is made the referee announces, “No”, and the player must select a different move. The object of the game is to win by placing the Opponent’s King in checkmate.