StrategicEncounter TM (SE)

... a battle between the light and dark forces


StrategicEncounter (SE) is a derivative of Kriegspiel, a strategy game where two players compete under the supervision of a human referee. Kriegspiel originated in Switzerland about 1811 where blocks and figures were used to represent various parts of armies and their equipment. These were moved about on maps according to strategic plans and tactical maneuvers. This game was considered to be very instructive to military students because its play correlates favorably with military battlefield operations where moves must be made on the basis of limited information with respect to the position and strength of the opposing forces.

A chess version of this game was developed in 1899 by Michael Temple, an English journalist. In the 197O's, a microprocessor version of Kriegspiel (StrategicEncounter) was developed with modifications to the rules by Leston Newbill, an American electronic engineer. In 2019 Leston Newbill launched a software version that is played over the Internet, called StrategicEncounter or SEncounter (SE).