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SEncounter (SE) is a strategy game comprising the elements of numerous games and life experiences. It requires the analysis performed in detective work, the skill of bluffing in poker, the planning and analysis in bridge, and the strategy performed by military personnel during battlefield conflicts.

A SEncounter game can generate the same level of excitement and stimulation found in thrill movies and sudden death playoffs. This occurs because SEncounter includes many characteristics found in exciting movies and real life dramas, such as, the unknown, the invisible enemy, inadequate protection, time and place of next attack, bluffing, etc.    Introduction

How to Install Software (Windows PC now, Mac in the future):

Download StrategicEncounter_SE (Windows PC).   Select "Save" or "Run". If the installer does not start automatically, go to the Download folder or Desktop and open, "Installer_SEncounter_Client.exe" . Then follow the install procedures. Once installation is completed, go to Desktop or "Start" > "Programs" and click: "_StrategicEncounter_SE" .

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